UAE Anti-Money Laundering


On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Identify the purposes, methods and stages of the money laundering process

  • Recognize high-risk transactions and best practices for countering money laundering

  • Identify the roles played by the UAE's regulatory and enforcement agencies as well as international bodies in the fight against money laundering

  • Be aware of your obligations under Emirati laws and regulations

  • Cite the penalties imposed for non-compliance

  • Describe the challenges involved in recognizing terrorist financing

Tutorial Overview

The need to launder illicit funds is an ongoing problem for criminals. With electronic monetary transactions dominating the day-to-day functioning of the financial system, criminals continue to devise increasingly sophisticated means of laundering funds. The Financial Action Task Force – a specialist anti-money laundering agency – has put financial institutions (FIs) and their employees on the frontline of the battle against money laundering. This tutorial surveys the money laundering situation in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and explains the stages and ways in which money is laundered. It describes the best practices, legislation and regulations that financial institutions and other designated bodies need to follow to counter money laundering. The tutorial also looks at the growing problem of terrorist financing.

Prerequisite Knowledge


Tutorial Level


Tutorial Duration

90 minutes

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